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We create compelling digital campaigns that persuade and mobilize voters in battleground states to elect Democrats up and down the ballot.

Senator Raphael Warnock in a blue suit against a blue sky

We’ve fought for progress at every level of the ballot.

We’ve helped progressive candidates win elections from the White House all the way down to the local level. We’ve pioneered new methods of targeting key audiences, then delivered engaging, best-in-class creative content to persuade and mobilize the voters we need to win.

We win elections by being smart about where we use our resources.

Ads produced

Persuading and mobilizing voters

We use our expertise in political digital advertising, creative development, and research and data to reach voters online.

Engraved plate on a chair that reads "The President, January 21, 2021"

Uniting America

For the 2020 election, we led an unprecedented effort to boost Joe Biden’s campaign to victory through a combination of big spending, creative thinking, and smart strategy.

Thumbnail for an ad called "10 out of 10" Image shows a young Asian man in front of an American flag

10/10 Would Recommend

One of the ways we mobilize voters and promote the habit of voting is to encourage people to check the status of their voter registration.


Exponential Threat

We called out the harm Donald Trump did to working families as president and made it clear just how dangerous a second term would be.

In 2020, our path to victory ran through the same key battleground states that we need to win once again in 2024.


Engaging Key Constituencies

Thumbnail of an ad called "Breaking Through." Image shows a young Black man sitting in a barber's chair looking at camera. Closed caption reads "They're coming for our rights"
Black voter engagement

Breaking Through

We mobilized voters in support of Senator Raphael Warnock’s reelection with an honest and empowering message about what it means to vote.

Split screen aerial images, on the left a six lane highway with cars going both directions, on the right a two lane road with a lone person in walking along the median
Latino voter engagement

Moving Ahead

To support Senator Mark Kelly’s reelection in 2022, we ran ads that highlighted his commitment to helping Arizona families move forward.

Next Up
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