Our strategy
to win in 2024

Breaking through online and engaging diverse communities is essential to our fight to reelect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris walking together in the Rose Garden of the White House

Just like in 2020, making sure Joe Biden and Kamala Harris win the White House is vital to the future of our country.

Our plan is to remind voters of President Biden’s impact and contrast his record with the agenda of dangerous MAGA Republicans.

We’ll do both by reaching voters where they are: online.

As Republicans spend more to reach voters online, we must keep innovating on digital platforms.
As Republicans spend more to reach voters online, we must keepinnovating on digital platforms.

Multiple paths to 270

President Biden’s reelection runs through the same states that delivered him 306 electoral votes and drove a historically successful midterm in 2022 – all states that Priorities has a track record of investing and winning in.

A pixel map of the US in white in a blue background, where Arizona is a red pixel

AZ has 11 electoral votes. Since 2018, Priorities has invested heavily with partners to turn AZ blue, reaching crucial swing, Latino, Black, and young voters online —and defeating Republican Martha McSally twice.

A pixel map of the US in white in a blue background, where Georgia is a red pixel

GA has 16 electoral votes. Priorities has been investing in the state since 2016 and has worked alongside in-state partners like Fair Fight to get voters of color out to the polls.

A pixel map of the US in white in a blue background, where Michigan is a red pixel

MI has 15 electoral votes. Since 2012, Priorities has invested $32M in campaigns in MI. Successful partnerships with the American Federation of Teachers, Reproductive Freedom For All, and Somos Votantes were crucial to reach voters statewide.

A pixel map of the US in white in a blue background, where Nevada is a red pixel

NV has 6 electoral votes. Priorities has been active in NV since 2012, investing in elections across 2016, 2018, 2020 and 2022. During the ’22 cycle, Priorities invested $2.9 million directly into online outreach to NV voters.

A pixel map of the US in white in a blue background, where Pennsylvania is a red pixel

PA has 19 electoral votes. Active in PA since 2012, we’ve invested every year since 2018. In 2022, we ran a $17M digital program focused on persuading and mobilizing PA voters. Priorities has invested more in PA than any other battleground state.

A pixel map of the US in white in a blue background, where Wisconsin is a red pixel

WI has 10 electoral votes. Priorities was active in 2012, 2016, 2018, 2020, 2022 and 2023 across competitive races. In the ‘22 cycle alone, Priorities made a $2.6 million investment in persuading and turning out voters.

Black, Latino, AAPI, and young voters collectively showed up in record numbers in 2020 to deliver a Biden presidency. To win in 2024,  these voters, who are disproportionately online, must hear what President Biden is doing to fight for them.

Priorities is showing millions of diverse voters that Joe Biden has been a president for all Americans, and will continue to deliver results that directly impact their lives and communities.


Amplify Biden’s impact

We use the full breadth of digital media tactics to reach and remind voters what Biden’s administration has done for them and what’s at stake in 2024.

President Biden wearing aviators waves to someone not pictured
Support Biden accomplishments

Strength Matters

We are highlighting the strength of Biden’s character and leadership, as well as the tangible results he’s delivering to working families.

Ron DeSantis with a closed caption that reads [On the Abortion Ban] "I signed the bill, I was proud to do it."
Disqualify MAGA Republicans

GOP Presidential Candidates on Abortion

We are reminding voters of the extreme, cruel agenda of MAGA Republicans.

A medium close-up portrait of a woman looking at camera standing outside of a house, and text on screen that reads "Biden bajó los costos de salud"
Center voters

Nuestra fuerza, nuestro campeón

We must meet voters where they are, use language that resonates with them, and center the issues that matter most to them.


The battle for 2024 will be won online

Voters are no longer parked in front of their TVs, and campaigns that recognize the need to prioritize digital platforms are going to be a step ahead. That’s why we’ve committed to running a 100% digital program in 2024.

$75 million for 2024

We’ve set a goal of $75 million towards digital mobilization and persuasion in six states to support the Biden-Harris reelection and bolster Democrats’ presence to diverse audiences of voters online.

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