Competitive tracking with AdHawk

AdHawk is Priorities’ sophisticated suite of competitive intelligence products that give digital advertisers the data they need to make smart media decisions and reach voters.

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The gold standard of progressive ad tech

We’re consistently leveraging cutting-edge technology while staying true to our core as strategic political advertisers. Our AdHawk team is comprised of competitive ad tracking experts who know the data and tools inside and out.

Built on 5 years of development and engineering, AdHawk covers political spending happening every day on Facebook/Instagram, Google/Youtube, Snapchat, and Connected TV (CTV), spanning elections from municipal city courts and local school boards, all the way up to the presidential ticket. 

We combine advanced technology and engineering with expert human input.

500 AdHawk users

in 2022 from over 100 progressive organizations, firms, and campaigns.

“During the historic 2022 midterm cycle, the DCCC used the AdHawk dashboard and reporting features daily to help the Committee and our Frontline and Red-to-Blue campaigns make smarter, more strategic decisions on their paid media strategy.”
Michael / Former National Digital Director / DCCC

Using AdHawk

Learn about how your organization can utilize the AdHawk product suite by reaching out to our team.