Defending the right to vote

Through litigation and innovative ad campaigns, Priorities Foundation is leading the effort to empower marginalized communities, people of color, students, the elderly, and voters with disabilities to fully participate in our elections.


Your voice, your democracy

We believe every American has the right to cast a ballot without unnecessary barriers. We’ve supported voting rights litigation in 30 cases across 11 states, and counting. We won’t stop until the right to vote is no longer threatened and every American is empowered to participate in our democracy.

Over $60 million in voting rights litigation since 2015

Priorities Foundation defends vulnerable communities disproportionately impacted by voter suppression laws. We invest in voter education, voter protection, and litigation to ensure ballot access.

The Priorities Foundation has won voting rights cases in Michigan, Arizona, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Missouri, Florida, and Iowa to combat voter suppression at the state level.

Cases Fought

Informing voters of their rights

A Black man who is about to get on a bike outside of a building with a lot of plants. Text on screen reads "HELLO VOTER"
In-person voting

Stay in Line

We reminded voters that, as long as they’re in line before polls close on Election Day, they can still vote.

A digital illustration of a bright purple sidewalk with a cute blue mailbox with googly eyes and the word "Vuelta" next to it, with a closed caption that reads "Don't forget your ballot has to be returned."

V de Vuelta

We ran this ad in Spanish to remind voters to return their vote-by-mail ballots.

A white digital note that reads "Do you have a plan to vote?" next to an image of a young Black woman wearing a surgical mask holding an "I voted" sticker.
Voter protection

Hold Up

In 2021, we educated Virginians about their rights as voters and that real-time voter assistance was available via a nonpartisan voter protection hotline.