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About Priorities USA

Americans know what their priorities are: They want opportunities for themselves and security for their families. They don’t want to go broke when they get sick. They want to know that someone’s listening to them and fighting for them, and they want their voices to be heard in a political system that attacks their voting rights and is ruled by special interests.

Progressives fight for these values every day, and to support that fight, Priorities USA is building permanent infrastructure to engage Americans of all backgrounds at all times -- not just on the eve of an election. We are helping build a powerful progressive movement that informs, energizes, and empowers average Americans to fight and win for their priorities in 2020 and beyond.

Holding Trump Accountable

Donald Trump’s policies are helping his billionaire friends while making the middle class pay. We are collecting real stories from real people to show the damage being done to middle-class families in Trump’s America.

Recent updates:

Priorities USA’s 2020 by the numbers
4 months ago