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We believe in diversifying and improving the progressive digital space by training, investing, and sharing knowledge.

A Black person with short hair working on their laptop; they're wearing a white t-shirt, a denim shirt and glasses

We’re improving and diversifying the progressive digital space.

We know one organization alone is not enough to grow the movement. That’s why we’re committed to building up the progressive organizations and people around us – by training the next generation of political communicators and strategists, investing in our allies, and sharing resources and knowledge with our partners.

With our leadership, more and more groups are investing in digital with the knowledge and training they need to meet their goals and win.

Fellowship Program

Our fellowship program gives individuals from historically underrepresented backgrounds hands-on training and professional experience to prepare them for a successful digital career in progressive politics.


Grants Program

To support the effective use of digital at the grassroots level, we grant to organizations that are looking to invest and grow in the digital advertising space but lack the technical expertise and funds they need to build these programs.



We know that training the decision-makers of tomorrow in innovative, research-based and grounded strategies will pay off in long-term success.

We’ve trained 2750 partners and allies who are now leading digital programs at hundreds of organizations.

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Fellowship Program