Grants Program

We’re helping grassroots organizations invest and grow in the digital advertising space.

We invest in state and local organizations

Our Grants Program funds grassroots organizations with key state and audience knowledge with technical expertise so they can be empowered to run smart digital programs that reach their voters where they are.

We focus on identifying organizations that have built effective programs that want to expand to digital. The seed funding enables them to get first-time digital programs off the ground. 
The funding goes hand in hand with in-depth training to make long term investments in grantees staff.

Average grant
Digital grants
“The funding and training that Priorities USA provided in their 2022 grant program empowered our in-house team with the skills and knowledge needed to fully develop an ad campaign from start to finish the right way.”
Taylor / Digital Communications Manager / Progress Georgia
“The grant from Priorities allowed for us to run – in partnership with Pacific Campaign House – some of the first-ever GOTV ads in movie theaters in densely-populated APIA neighborhoods in Nevada. ”
Amy / Political Director / One APIA Nevada
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