Buildingprogressive power.
Fighting for your priorities.

We believe that informed, engaged, and activated voters are the power center of our democracy.

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Priorities runs effective, large-scale, digital voter mobilization and persuasion campaigns in key battleground states.

We invest in cutting-edge research and data. We build training and tools to grow our collective, progressive power. In partnership with movement allies, we employ innovative digital strategies and empower voters.

We exist to build progressive powerand activate every voter to participate in our democracy.
We exist to buildprogressive powerand activate everyvoter to participate our democracy.


Winning Elections

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Building Digital Talent
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Progressive partners

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Kent’s Story

Kent is a third-generation union worker who’s felt the impact of Biden’s commitment to workers and investments in Wisconsin communities.


Raquel’s Story

Raquel is an environmentalist whose firsthand experience with lead pollution in her city shapes how she views Biden’s investments in cleaning up the environment and investing in a green future.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris walking together in the Rose Garden of the White House

Victory in 2024

Breaking through online is essential to our fight to reelect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Here’s how we’ll engage diverse voters online to get it done.