Priorities USA Launches Priorities Pennsylvania

July 18, 2019

Priorities USA is coming to Pennsylvania with the launch of Priorities Pennsylvania and a new battleground state communications program. As part of the group’s initial $100 million investment in key states, Priorities Pennsylvania will leverage integrated press and digital communications operations to localize Trump policies, push back against his false narratives, and reach Pennsylvania voters on the various platforms where they’re getting their news and information.

Leveraging in-state staff expertise, the Pennsylvania team will collect stories from Pennsylvanians who have felt the negative impacts of living under Trump’s economy. The team will work with in-state media to amplify what it’s like to live in the state in Trump’s America. The team will also coordinate with local organizations to create and share original content to reach voters where they’re getting their news, information, and making social connections. Work on the ground will also serve to support and inform Priorities’ national paid media program, informing messaging and creative.

“Since coming into office, Trump has been presenting a narrative that does not pass the sniff test with voters here in Pennsylvania,” said Guy Cecil, Chairman of Priorities USA. “He loves to brag about his ‘wins’ and how great the economy is doing, while people across this state continue to hurt. Faced with rising health care costs, wages that aren’t keeping up with the cost of living, and layoffs, the Pennsylvania that most people are experiencing isn’t reflected in Trump’s tweets. Pennsylvania will be a crucial state in 2020, and our hope is to show what life under a Trump administration really looks and feels like for millions of people.”

A snapshot of how Trump’s economy is failing families in Pennsylvania:

The Priorities Pennsylvania team bringing light to these issues will include:

Jack Doyle, serving as the Pennsylvania Outreach Director. Jack will work with local media and influencers and allied organizations to tell the real story about the negative impact Trump’s policies are having on the citizens of Pennsylvania. Before joining Priorities, Jack worked at A|L Media, advising campaigns across the country on messaging and strategy, and in Edelman’s New York office, where he worked with the world’s leading companies to tell their stories of innovation.

Nandi O’Connor, serving as Content Producer. Nandi will work to collect and capture stories of real people who feel the effect of Trump’s policies, working with organizations on the ground to make sure those stories reach voters across channels. Previously, Nandi served as Policy and Digital Content Manager in the Office of Mayor Jim Kenney in Philadelphia, where she helped launch a behavioral science unit, developed communications strategies for policy initiatives, and created accessible digital content for residents. Prior to that, she worked on Mayor Kenney’s successful 2015 campaign and the field organizing team for OFA in 2012.

This program comes as part of Priorities USA’s transition into the 2020 presidential cycle. This also includes a new program to provide partners with in-depth modeling, targeting, and opinion research for digital, TV, mail and field programs; continued efforts to train progressive operatives in understanding, planning, and executing digital campaigns; as well as a strong focus on both persuading moveable voters and mobilizing the Democratic base.