Priorities USA Launches New Bilingual Latino Ad Highlighting Joe Biden’s Leadership in Crucial Moment

October 07, 2020

Priorities USA Action is releasing a new digital ad, “The Moment Is Now,” which will target Latino voters in key battleground states. Running in English and in Spanish, the ad highlights why Joe Biden’s strong track record of steady leadership is the perfect match for this moment of unprecedented uncertainty.

Latinos have been disproportionately hurt by Trump’s mishandling of the coronavirus and the resulting economic fallout, and many are looking for new leadership to guide the country out of the current crisis. Recent research conducted on behalf of Priorities USA Action has found that many Latino voters have already identified Joe Biden as that leader. They believe he possesses the traits and strength that this moment requires, and they want to hear more about the vice president. Ads like “The Moment Is Now” — which favorably compares Biden to strong leaders throughout our history — and others from Priorities USA’s Latino outreach program will help further familiarize these voters with who he is and what he’s accomplished for working families.

The ad is already running on social and streaming platforms in Florida, and will soon expand to Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Since November 2019, Priorities has invested millions in outreach to the Latino community across multiple mediums — all produced by a culturally competent in-house team and informed by extensive research with Latino voters. Priorities is also running Spanish-language TV ads in Florida in partnership with Latino Victory Fund, Mike Bloomberg, and the American Federation of Teachers, and is also running Spanish-language radio ads in Florida, Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin with LVF.

“For months, Priorities has been doing everything we can to reach Latino voters where they are and make sure they know exactly why Joe Biden is the leader we need in this crucial moment,” said Patrick McHugh, Priorities USA Action Executive Director. “Donald Trump has failed the Latino community again and again. It’s time to turn the page and elect a president who will meet this moment with courage, empathy and strength and do the hard work of fighting for all of us.”