Priorities USA Action Launches Initial $6 Million TV & Digital Ad Buy Holding Trump Accountable for Failing Coronavirus Response

March 23, 2020

Priorities USA Action is releasing several new TV and digital ads highlighting Donald Trump’s disastrous response to the rapidly worsening coronavirus pandemic. The ads also contrast Trump’s chaotic, unstable behavior with the honest, steady leadership that Vice President Joe Biden would bring to the job. 

Trump’s response to the crisis has been nothing short of a failure. Not only did he waste months and squander numerous opportunities to mitigate the risk to the American people, he continues to lie constantly and fail to act in the best interest of the country. It is imperative that voters know the truth about Trump’s failures so they can continue to hold their government accountable in this time of crisis.

The first TV ad, “Exponential Threat,” is inspired by an ad created by the group Fellow Americans, and highlights Trump’s repeated comments downplaying the virus and shirking responsibility as the number of infections in America increased exponentially. Trump knew early on the extreme danger posed by the coronavirus to the American people, but he intentionally lied about it in order to serve his own short-term political goals.

Exponential Threat” will begin running in Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin on Tuesday and is part of a $6 million TV and digital buy across the four states. The buy may expand to more states at a later date.

Priorities is also releasing a second TV ad, “Better Prepared,” which highlights how Joe Biden’s wealth of experience and good judgment position him as a more effective, trustworthy leader for our country in moments of crisis. While Trump lies constantly and refuses to heed the advice of his advisors, Biden will lead with science, listen to experts and always tell the American people the truth — even when it’s hard.

Additionally, Priorities is releasing two digital ads that will begin running on Tuesday across a variety of online platforms like Facebook and streaming TV. These ads — “Map” and “Steady Leadership” — feature similar themes as their longer TV counterparts, emphasizing Trump’s refusal to adequately prepare the country for the coming crisis and how Biden’s steady hand would provide a significant departure from the chaos currently enveloping our government, respectively. Since last week, Priorities has also been promoting news content to voters in critical battleground states to keep them informed about Trump’s failure to respond effectively to the mounting crisis.

“From the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, Donald Trump has repeatedly misled the American people and exposed us to unnecessary danger. His failure to lead continues to have real life and death consequences as hospitals, local and state governments, small businesses, and millions of Americans are left without the tools and information they need,” said Priorities USA Chairman Guy Cecil. “Tens of thousands of people are sick, hundreds have already died, and millions are losing their jobs. We simply cannot allow Donald Trump to continue to lie and spread misinformation unchecked. The American people deserve the truth about their president.”