One Week Later, Priorities USA Action Releases Updated Version of Ad Trump Tried to Block

March 30, 2020

Today, Priorities USA Action is releasing an updated version of its “Exponential Threat” ad. 

The updated ad, “One Week Later,” features the latest figures that reflect the exploding number of cases of the novel coronavirus in the United States. Trump continues to downplay the severity of the crisis and praise himself while thousands of Americans are getting sick, hospitals are overwhelmed, and millions are losing their jobs. In addition to updated numbers, the new version of the ad features Trump’s infamous claim from just a few days ago that he is doing “one hell of a job” even as the death toll rises. The Trump campaign recently threatened local TV stations with legal action if they continued to run the ad, but every single station rejected Trump’s attempt to hide the truth about his failures from the American people. 

Priorities USA announced an expansion of the ad buy, spending $600,000 in Arizona in addition to the $6 million already committed in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Florida. 

The original ad was inspired by an ad created by the group Fellow Americans, and highlights Trump’s repeated comments downplaying the virus and shirking responsibility as the number of infections in America increased exponentially. 

“This ad tells the truth about Donald Trump’s failed leadership and the disastrous consequences of his short-sighted inaction for millions of Americans,” said Guy Cecil, Chairman of Priorities USA. “Trump may want to hide this truth from voters, but his own words show that he has been more concerned about his own political standing than addressing this crisis directly before the exponential explosion of cases across the country. This is not a leader Americans can trust to keep them safe.”