Black Voter Research Polling Memo

August 08, 2022

TO: Interested Parties
FROM: Priorities USA, House Majority PAC, HIT Strategies and Hart Research.
DATE: August 8th, 2022
RE: [NEW POLL] Examining the Preferences of Black Voters Ahead of the Midterms

Black voters delivered the presidency and the Senate for the Democratic Party, and will play a decisive role in Senate, gubernatorial and House races this November. In order to retain the trust of this community, Democrats need to emphasize that Black political power is the reason we’ve made progress. Black voters were crucial to the election of the first Black woman vice president and nomination of the first Black woman Supreme Court justice. All of these achievements are only possible from Black voters’ strong turnout at the polls, even in the face of rampant voter suppression.

Priorities USA and House Majority PAC partnered to complete a comprehensive summary of the political attitudes and preferences of Black voters across key US House districts. In order to win these critical races, Democrats must speak to the specific needs of the Black community and consciously avoid classifying Black communities as simply “mobilization audiences” which puts organizations under the false impression that Black voters don’t need the same long-term engagement strategies and campaigns that other demographic groups do. The following summary of findings from polling and focus groups identifies key areas for effective persuasion.

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