What They Are Saying: Priorities USA In The News

November 17, 2023

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What They Are Saying: Priorities USA In The News

The New York Times: “Priorities USA is reshaping itself as a digital political strategy operation”

The Hill: Somos & Priorities team up “on a six-figure bilingual ad campaign that’s airing exclusively on YouTube”

WASHINGTON, D.C. — It’s true what they say; there are no off-years. The fight for progressive values never stops, and we’re not waiting for 2024. 

Whether it’s rolling out our digital rebrand, investing to win races in Pennsylvania, researching on how to best reach and persuade Latino voters in 2024, or forecasting where the presidential will be won or lost, Priorities has been busy.

In case you missed what we’ve been up to, we’ve included some of our recent coverage below. Stay tuned for more:

  • The New York Times: Liberal Super PAC Is Turning Its Focus Entirely Digital

    Priorities USA is reshaping itself as a digital political strategy operation, the culmination of a yearslong transition from its supporting role in presidential campaigns to a full-service communications, research and training behemoth for Democrats up and down the ballot.

    The move reflects a broad shift in media consumption over the past decade, away from traditional broadcast outlets and toward a fragmented online world.

  • The Messenger: Pro-Biden Priorities USA Dismisses Poll Worries, Says Election Will Be ‘Tough’ but ‘Winnable’

    As Democrats’ worries about President Joe Biden’s re-election chances reach a fever pitch, super PAC Priorities USA released a slate of research on Monday that argues the 2024 presidential election will be difficult but “is winnable” for Biden – with the right strategy.

    The center point of the memo is the group’s so-called “Snake Chart,” which outlines each party’s path to victory and the most competitive states. It pinpoints Michigan as the state most likely to decide the presidential election, with battlegrounds like Pennsylvania and Arizona more pro-Biden and states like Wisconsin, Nevada, and Georgia favoring Republicans.

  • The Hill: Democratic campaign groups team up for Latino outreach push on YouTube

    A top Latino voter outreach network and the largest Democratic super PAC are teaming up on a six-figure bilingual ad campaign that’s airing exclusively on YouTube.

    “Turning out and persuading Latino audiences will be crucial to reelecting Joe Biden, and if we can better understand how to effectively target them we’ll be in much better shape to do so. That is the goal of this partnership, and we’re excited to see the results,” said Nick Ahamed, deputy executive director of Priorities USA Action.

  • The Messenger: Democrats Ramp Up Investment in Key Pennsylvania Judicial Races with Focus on Abortion

    A coalition of Democratic organizations is pouring money into Pennsylvania’s key judicial and local races this November, including the closely watched state Supreme Court contest, party operatives tell The Messenger.

    Three progressive groups announced Friday they will spend $600,000 on two separate campaigns aimed at turning out unlikely voters ahead of the Nov. 7 contests. The first campaign between the nonprofit Priorities USA Foundation and Pennsylvania-focused progressive organization Commonwealth Communication will focus on voter education, primarily on how and where voters can cast their ballots. The second campaign, between Priorities USA and the Pennsylvania group, will focus on how these judicial elections could impact abortion laws in the commonwealth, focusing on young, Latino, and Black voters.