$2 Million Campaign from Priorities USA Urges Voters to Call on Their Senators and Representatives to Reject the Trump-Republican Tax Bill

November 21, 2017

November 21, 2017


Campaign Will Run in 20 House Districts in Addition to AZ, AK, ME, NV and TN

Washington — Priorities USA is expanding its tax reform campaign to a $2 million campaign with new digital ads informing voters of the disastrous effects of the Trump-Republican tax bill currently making its way through Congress, and urging them to demand that their representatives and senators vote against final passage. Priorities will work to ensure voters understand that the tax bill is little more than a massive tax cut for the wealthy and corporations that will be paid for on the backs of the middle class and trigger automatic, steep cuts in Medicare.

Specifically, Priorities will target voters in 20 House districts represented by Republican members who voted for the tax bill last week and whose votes will be crucial in determining the outcome of the final bill. As the Senate deliberates on its own bill, Priorities will run ads throughout the home states of Senators Collins, Corker, Heller, McCain, and Murkowski.

The ads will run on website banners, social media, pre-roll video and music streaming services such as Pandora and Spotify. Additionally, Priorities will be rolling out a number of large-scale, high-impact advertisements to reflect the urgency of stopping the tax bill, such as sponsored content and website homepage takeovers. To view an example of an ad, click here.

“Republicans in Congress continue to seek out new ways to help themselves and their rich donors at the expense of the hardworking families they are supposed to represent. Make no mistake: Trump and the Republicans’ tax plan will cut Medicare and Medicaid and raise taxes on millions of middle-class Americans in order to pay for huge tax breaks for millionaires, including wealthy politicians like themselves and their special interest donors,” said Patrick McHugh, Executive Director of Priorities USA. “The more voters learn about this bill the less they like it, which is why Priorities is launching an all-out effort to reach voters, educate them on the bill’s consequences and encourage them to contact their representatives and stop this attack on the middle class.”

The campaign has been informed by Priorities USA’s polling demonstrating the immense political risk members of Congress assume by supporting the Trump-Republican tax plan, the results of which are summarized in a memo here. Indeed, Priorities found that when voters hear more details about the bill, their opposition to it rises from 48 percent to 61 percent, with support sinking to 28 percent. Priorities also found Republicans’ generic ballot disadvantage dropping from -11 to -17 as a reaction to the bill.

This ad campaign builds on Priorities’ six-figure national television ad campaign in October that featured middle-class Americans speaking out against the Trump tax plan. Since its 2017 relaunch, Priorities has devoted significant resources to building a digital infrastructure for the progressive movement and tracking the public’s shifting views of the Trump administration. Priorities USA has previously run digital campaigns around the attempted repeal of the Affordable Care Act and Priorities USA Action has run digital campaigns in support of Ralph Northam’s gubernatorial campaign in Virginia, a critical state Senate special election in Florida and others.

A full list of the 20 House districts where the ads will be running is below:

  • AZ-02: McSally
  • CA-10: Denham
  • CA-21: Valadao
  • CA-25: Knight
  • CA-39: Royce
  • CA-45: Walters
  • CO-06: Coffman
  • FL-18: Mast
  • FL-26: Curbelo
  • IA-01: Blum
  • IA-03: Young
  • IL-12: Bost
  • MI-08: Bishop
  • MN-02: Lewis
  • MN-03: Paulsen
  • NC-09: Pittenger
  • NY-22: Tenney
  • NY-24: Katko
  • PA-06: Costello
  • VA-10: Comstock