Statement from Priorities USA on the Senate’s Failure to Pass Critical Voting Rights Legislation

January 19, 2022

Tonight, a small minority of Senate Democrats allowed Senate Republicans to veto crucial voting rights legislation that a majority of Americans support. The Freedom to Vote Act is a necessary step to safeguard ballot access for millions of Americans. Aneesa McMillan, who leads voting rights efforts as Deputy Executive Director of Priorities USA, issued the following statement: 

“It is exhausting to watch as time and time again, those elected to serve the people ignore their responsibility to our country and fail to protect the sacred right to vote. The Republican Party has been very clear that they will do everything in their power to limit access to the franchise for Black and brown people. Yet, Republicans are still allowed to veto legislation that seeks to reverse racist voter suppression. Procedure should never gain precedence over the most basic civil rights.

“Priorities USA will continue our work to protect the right to vote. Through litigation and voter education, Priorities will center the marginalized communities who are consistently harmed by voter suppression laws. We continue to wait on Congress to do their part and ensure that all Americans have access to the most fundamental right we have as citizens.”