Statement from Priorities USA on Texas Voter Suppression Law

September 07, 2021

Today, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed Senate Bill 1 into law, enacting a host of new restrictions on the right to vote. These restrictions include banning drive through voting, increasing barriers to vote by mail, and making it more difficult to assist voters. Senate Bill 1 will disproportionately impact ballot access for Black and brown communities, young people, and people with disabilities. Aneesa McMillan, who leads voting rights efforts as Deputy Executive Director of Priorities USA, issued the following statement: 

“Governor Abbott’s decision to sign this flagrantly anti-democratic law is what we have come to expect from today’s Republican Party. The GOP has made clear that they will do anything to maintain their grip on power, even if it means stomping on the values that our country’s democracy is based on. We know that this law will have a disproportionate impact on the communities who have had to fight the hardest for the sacred right to vote. Priorities USA will continue to do everything in our power to center the rights of Black, brown, young, and disabled voters in our efforts to protect voting rights.”