Statement from Priorities USA Executive Director Danielle Butterfield on President Biden’s Speech on the Battle for the Soul of the Nation

September 01, 2022

Today, Danielle Butterfield, Executive Director of Priorities USA, issued the following statement in response to President Biden’s speech in Philadelphia:

“Priorities USA is proud of President Biden’s bold speech calling out the GOP’s extremism, clearly contrasting Democrats’ historic victories on the Inflation Reduction Act and student loan debt relief with Republicans’ inherent threat to democracy before the midterms.

As Democrats, we refuse to sit back and allow Republicans to wreak havoc on the integrity of our elections and the moral fabric of the country.

We have two months until the midterm elections and must do everything in our power to mobilize for reproductive health access, voting rights and the preservation of our democracy. While Republicans are engaged in a coordinated attack against this country’s most vulnerable communities, we will not stand by while they threaten the progress we’ve made to strengthen the economy, lower health care costs and address climate change.

With our research-backed and digital-first programming, Priorities continues to connect key voters in battleground states with reliable information about the issues they care about and communicate what’s at stake in November.”