Statement from Priorities USA Executive Director Danielle Butterfield on President Biden’s Reelection Campaign Announcement

April 25, 2023

Washington, D.C. — Today, Danielle Butterfield, Executive Director of Priorities USA, issued the following statement in response to President Biden’s announcement of his 2024 reelection campaign:

“Over the past two years, President Biden and Vice President Harris have boldly led our country through a devastating pandemic and an unprecedented economic recovery. From expanding affordable healthcare and fighting climate change to passing the largest gun safety law in 30 years, and even more, it’s abundantly clear that President Biden is a dynamic force for change.

“Still, the work isn’t over.

“Every day, extremist MAGA Republicans are plotting to further unravel the fabric of our democracy whether it be through constant attacks on the right to an abortion, the right to marry or the right to vote.

“President Biden has consistently proven his ability to fend off these insidious threats while navigating extreme polarization. Now it’s time to finish the job.

“I’m proud to announce that Priorities stands ready to support President Biden and Vice President Harris’ reelection campaign with robust digital advertising efforts.

“The journey to 2024 is just beginning and President Biden has a clear path to reelection, no matter who the GOP nominee is. Priorities is committed to promoting and defending President Biden and his vision for America online through cutting edge digital programming to ensure that we keep building a future where all Americans can live and thrive with dignity.”