Statement from Priorities USA Chairman Guy Cecil on the Midterm Election Results

November 09, 2022

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Priorities USA Chairman Guy Cecil issued the following statement in response to the outcome of the midterm elections:

“Votes are still being counted, but one thing is clear: the pundits and skeptics were wrong. Democrats defied history, fought back against Republican extremism and have won critical Senate, gubernatorial, House and down ballot races across the country. These victories are the result of the hard work and commitment of every voter, volunteer, campaign staffer and grassroots supporter. I am especially proud of the team at Priorities USA who has spent the last two years doing their part to deliver this historic result.

“In just two years, President Biden and Democrats got Americans back to work and passed historic legislation to transform our response to climate change, improve our health care system, and even the economic playing field in favor of working families.

“While control of both chambers of Congress is yet to be decided, it is clear voters rejected Republican extremism and fear mongering.

“Democrats outspent and outperformed Republicans online in every battleground state. Democrats focused on issues that voters care most about like abortion rights, health care, climate, and making our economy work for everyone. Republican online spending was focused on fear mongering and deception, devoid of any real solutions to the country’s biggest problems.

“Despite all of our progress, we have more work to do to make sure we have an economy that works for everyone and not just the rich and well-connected. We still face a radical Republican Party that has no respect for the democratic norms that make America special. I am encouraged that many voters stood against the divisiveness and fear mongering that has defined the GOP, but Democrats must be clear-eyed about the challenges we face. Republicans will never stop trying to suppress the vote, gut critical civil rights protections and strip away the social safety net.

“Priorities USA is committed to doing everything we can to make sure Democrats are prepared for 2024 by supporting President Biden and Democrats up and down the ballot, and fighting voter suppression wherever it appears.”