Statement from Priorities USA Chairman Guy Cecil on Senator Maggie Hassan’s Successful Re-Election to the United States Senate

November 08, 2022

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Priorities USA Chairman Guy Cecil issued the following statement in response to Maggie Hassan’s re-election as a senator representing New Hampshire:

“I am so proud that the people of New Hampshire have chosen to re-elect Maggie Hassan, who will continue to fight every day to ensure that every citizen of the Granite State has the opportunity to thrive. 

“I am especially proud of the critical role that Priorities USA played to deliver this thrilling result. This cycle, Priorities partnered with the League of Conservation Voters to make a $344,326 digital investment to communicate Maggie Hassan’s accomplishments to voters. By communicating with voters early and emphasizing Senator Hassan’s accomplishments before many voters were tuned into politics, Priorities was able to solidify a clear message that Democrats are delivering for Americans while Republicans only distract and stoke fear. 

“Our partnership with the League of Conservation Voters was also crucial to draw attention to the stakes of this Senate election. New Hampshire voters knew early on that the fate of our environment was in the hands of critical senators like Maggie Hassan. 

“Other issues like abortion rights, voting rights and health care access played a significant role in voters’ decision to reject far-right extremism in favor of progress that will move our country forward. 

“I am grateful for the work that our team at Priorities delivered day after day to make victories like this possible. The people of New Hampshire will continue to have a strong, committed advocate for their interests in the Senate.”