Statement from Priorities USA Chairman Guy Cecil on Gretchen Whitmer’s Victory in Michigan’s Gubernatorial Race

November 09, 2022

Guy Cecil, Chairman of Priorities USA, issued the following statement in response to Gretchen Whitmer’s successful re-election in Michigan:

“Priorities congratulates Governor Gretchen Whitmer on her successful re-election campaign. Governor Whitmer has consistently been a staunch defender of working-class Michiganders and their fundamental rights.

“This cycle, Priorities made a $2.9 million digital investment in Michigan, including partnerships with the American Federation of Teachers, NARAL, Color Of Change and Somos Votantes. Priorities also led targeted outreach to Black and Latino communities throughout Michigan alongside Color Of Change and Somos Votantes. Additionally, Priorities invested in ‘Check Your Registration’ campaigns to energize Michigan voters. 

“Michigan has also been a target for several GOP-sponsored voter suppression attempts. Priorities has fought to protect Americans’ voting rights since 2015 and funded notable litigation efforts to protect the right to vote in Michigan over the course of the 2022 election cycle. In January, Priorities supported a legal intervention against a GOP effort to unduly purge voters from voter rolls. In October, Priorities supported another intervention in the state to preserve the 2022 Election Challenger Instructions that protect poll watchers and election inspectors. Just a week before the election, Priorities also intervened in a Republican attempt to restrict the use of absentee ballots and drop boxes that could’ve potentially disenfranchised thousands of voters.

“Governor Gretchen Whitmer is the best choice to deliver progress for all Michiganders and Priorities is honored to have supported her re-election campaign.”