Statement from Priorities USA Chairman Guy Cecil on Efforts by Texas Democrats to Defend Democracy

July 12, 2021

Today, Democrats in the Texas State Legislature will deliberately break quorum in an effort to prevent the Legislature from passing even more restrictive voter suppression laws. These laws would make it harder to vote by mail, harder to vote early, and open the door for new voter intimidation tactics. Guy Cecil, Chairman of Priorities USA, issued the following statement: 

“Texas Democrats are showing just how seriously they take their commitment to their constituents and to their country. It is easy to despair as right-wing forces in our politics and our courts chip away at crucial voting rights protections — particularly for communities of color, young voters, and disabled voters — but today is just another example of the power we have to fight back. Democratic legislators in Texas are showing tremendous courage. It is up to all of us, including Democrats in Congress, to respond with renewed resolve to do our part to protect the sacred right to vote.”