Priorities USA to Launch Six-Figure Digital Campaign to Kick Off $100 Million Early Spending Program

March 21, 2019

Priorities USA is beginning its previously announced $100 million early spending program in Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania with a six-figure digital buy across the four states. The ads will start this week and run across a broad range of platforms where voters are consuming content online.

Priorities’ ads will focus on Donald Trump putting the wealthy and big corporations over the interests of regular Americans. These economic arguments will be key to Democrats’ success in 2020.

“The Trump campaign has already spent millions online, primarily list building and fundraising among his base, while Democratic candidates focus on the primary. We are going to take the fight directly to him across digital platforms through Election Day by focusing on persuading and mobilizing voters in key states,” said Guy Cecil, Chairman of Priorities USA. “Across America, people are suffering economic hardships because Donald Trump is more in touch with Mar-a-Lago millionaires than the middle-class families dealing with rising health care costs. We are going to prosecute this case against Trump from now until Election Day because voters deserve to know that while they are struggling to make ends meet, the president is making it worse.”

An example of the ads can be found here.

Priorities USA will spend $100 million across MI, FL, WI and PA between now and early 2020 for phase one of spending. In the coming months, Priorities will announce additional spending as part of phase two, expanding the campaign into New Hampshire, Nevada, Arizona, North Carolina and Georgia.