Priorities USA Statement on Voting Rights Victory in Pennsylvania

October 10, 2020

Today, a federal judge dismissed an attempt by the Trump campaign to stop counties from allowing voters to submit their ballot using a drop box, and to enforce strict, error-prone signature matching requirements. The lawsuit by the Trump campaign also sought to allow poll watchers in any polling place, regardless of their county of residence — a tool of voter intimidation which the court also rejected. Priorities USA funded the intervention and motion for summary judgment filed on behalf of the Pennsylvania Alliance for Retired Americans and several Pennsylvania voters, and the judge granted their motion in dismissing the lawsuit. Priorities USA Chairman Guy Cecil issued the following statement: 

“It is encouraging that yet another judge saw through the blatant efforts by the Trump campaign and the RNC to thwart democracy and suppress the votes of thousands of Pennsylvanians,”  said Guy Cecil, Chairman of Priorities USA. “The Trump campaign’s massive legal effort to prevent thousands of Americans from making their voice heard in our election is a direct threat to the democratic values our country holds dear. Fighting voter suppression has been a top priority for us and I am pleased that the courts have consistently decided in favor of the American people. We look forward to similar victories in the weeks to come.”