Priorities USA Statement on Voting Rights Victory in New Hampshire

April 09, 2020

Today, the New Hampshire North District Court struck down State Senate Bill 3 (SB 3) as unconstitutional. SB3 required voters to submit proof of a verifiable act of domicile in order to register to vote, eliminated the option to submit an affidavit to establish domicile, and subjected those who registered within 30 days of an election or on Election Day without proof of domicile to criminal penalties if they failed to present appropriate documentation shortly after the election. The law especially disenfranchised young voters who often struggle to meet these types of requirements when registering to vote. Today’s victory declared the law unconstitutional and unreasonably burdened the right to vote. It also found that SB3 violated equal protection under the New Hampshire constitution.  

Guy Cecil, Chairman of Priorities USA, released the following statement in response to the recent New Hampshire victory:

“Today’s victory means that young voters in New Hampshire will have increased access to their constitutional right to vote and that’s a win for the state and the country. I want to thank our local partners for standing with us and ensuring that no young person who is eligible to vote is met with unnecessary barriers that prevent them from doing so. Priorities USA remains committed to this important and necessary fight.”