Priorities USA Statement on Victory in Michigan Voter Transportation Ban Case

October 06, 2020

Today, a District Court judge denied a motion by Republicans to reinstate Michigan’s Voter Transportation Ban, ensuring that Michigan voters can take advantage of free and reduced price rides to the polls available in all 49 other states.  Priorities USA funded a legal challenge of the ban which resulted in the Court striking it down  for conflicting with federal law. Following the legal victory, Republicans and the Republican-controlled Michigan legislature asked the court to allow the Ban to stay in place for the upcoming election while they appeal the decision. This action would’ve potentially disenfranchised thousands by preventing organizations and individuals from providing voters with free or reduced price transportation to the polls. The judge’s initial preliminary injunction, overturning the Voter Transportation Ban, remains in effect. Chairman of Priorities USA Guy Cecil issued the following statement: 

“Yet again, the Court has seen right through the blatant voter suppression efforts by the Republican Party. This decision is a win for all Michigan voters, and for democracy,” said Guy Cecil, Chairman of Priorities USA. “Priorities will continue our fight to break down the unnecessary barriers too many Americans face to access their right to vote. We fully anticipate that the GOP will use every resource at their disposal to weaken our democracy — we’re prepared to respond in kind.”