Priorities USA Responds to NRA Attacks on Democrats with $2 Million Digital Ad Campaign Holding Republicans Accountable for Failing to Support Working Families

May 03, 2021

As Republican-aligned groups like the NRA step up their attacks on Democrats, Priorities USA is responding with a $2 million advertising campaign holding Republicans accountable for ignoring the needs of working Americans who have been hit hardest by the pandemic. At a time when families are struggling and gun violence continues to harm our communities, Priorities USA will not let inflammatory attacks from groups like the NRA go unanswered.

While the NRA attempts to divide the American people by running fear-mongering ads about guns, Priorities USA will focus on Republican efforts to block covid relief for the communities that need it most. The initial $2 million digital campaign will run in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, and Wisconsin. Priorities will target first-time 2020 Democratic voters, suburban voters, and voters of color — these overlapping constituencies will be critical to Democratic victories in 2022.

The digital ad buy is part of an ongoing effort by Priorities USA to reach voters where they increasingly spend their time and prevent Republican attacks from shaping the narrative on any issue. Through early, sustained investment in communicating with key constituencies, Priorities will sustain and build support for Democratic policies and candidates well before Election Day.

“While Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are working tirelessly for the American people and getting our country back on track, it is no surprise that Republican-allied groups like the NRA are trying to distract from Democrats’ success with divisive ads,” said Guy Cecil, Chairman of Priorities USA. “Priorities USA is more than ready to respond to such attacks. We will continue to highlight what the Biden-Harris administration has already accomplished and hold Republican politicians accountable for blocking relief to working families while they take orders from groups like the NRA instead of listening to the needs of their constituents.”