Priorities USA Releases New Ads Holding Republicans Accountable For Supporting Russia’s Invasion Of Ukraine

March 04, 2022

Priorities USA released two new ads calling out Donald Trump and the Republican Party for their shameful support of Putin’s unlawful invasion of Ukraine and propping up a murderous regime that is killing families and children, destroying cities and towns, and committing war crimes.

Rather than supporting an American president who has built an unprecedented international coalition in record time, Donald Trump and his Republican sycophants have chosen to praise a ruthless dictator and turn their backs on the brave Ukrainians fighting for their country and their very survival.

WATCH THE ADS: Chosen A Side and Off The Hook

Priorities USA will not let Republicans’ words and actions go unaccounted for. Their praise for Putin dishonors the loss of innocent life in Ukraine and betrays American efforts to support peace in Ukraine. Some of the same Republicans who are actively advocating against democracy in Ukraine are on the ballot in November. Priorities will continue to ensure that the American people have all the facts about what the Republican Party stands for.

“It is shameful that Republicans are so blinded by their fealty to Donald Trump that they have chosen to support a brutal despot rather than support Joe Biden’s efforts to bring the global community together to protect freedom and democracy,” said Guy Cecil, Chairman of Priorities USA. “Priorities USA will not stand by and watch these Republican figures betray the most basic American values. We are committed to reaching the American people with the information they need to know about the authoritarian forces that have taken hold in the GOP.”