Priorities USA Partners with Prominent Faith Groups to Reach Religious Voters

October 06, 2020

Priorities USA is announcing partnerships with three prominent faith groups to provide support for extensive outreach and organizing efforts to mobilize voters of faith in the 2020 elections. These investments — which include $625,000 in direct financial support, as well as providing additional digital and communications support — reflect our strong commitment to turning out religious voters in November.

We are proud to support the important work of the following organizations:

  • Faith in Public Life Action Fund: Priorities is contributing $200,000 to support FPL Action’s ongoing efforts to reach religious voters across the country, as well as helping to fund a digital ad campaign specifically targeting voters of faith in Wisconsin, a key battleground state. In addition to financial support, Priorities’ in-house digital team is providing media targeting, testing, planning and buying services for the Wisconsin campaign.
  • Black Church PAC: Priorities is investing $225,000 in Black Church PAC’s crucial work organizing voters of faith, including those in Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia. This support will help power the organization’s efforts to engage two million voters in those key battleground states through phone and text banking, as well as daily trainings and activations with Black Church leaders and influencers — ultimately mobilizing one million voters as part of the “Souls to the Polls” program.
  • Faith 2020: Priorities is donating $200,000 to fund Faith 2020’s online and offline organizing work with faith voters in Pennsylvania and Florida, with a particular focus on the Latino community. In addition to our financial contribution, Priorities’ in-house digital team is providing ongoing support on targeting and content for Faith 2020’s digital campaigns.

These new partnerships serve to augment the significant faith-focused work that Priorities USA has been engaged in throughout the 2020 cycle. From carefully tracking the public opinion of religious voters as part of our best-in-class polling and modeling operation to lifting up the voices of faith leaders in battleground states on our own digital channels, Priorities has been doing this work for the better part of two years — and we encourage others to join us in supporting leaders like FPL Action, Black Church PAC and Faith 2020 to increase our impact.

“For millions of voters of faith, this election poses a fundamental question: What kind of country do we want to be?” said Guy Cecil, Chairman of Priorities USA. “From immigration to racial justice to income inequality, the issues on the ballot this November resonate with the most deeply held principles of Americans of every creed. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with these great faith leaders to ensure that religious voters’ voices are heard at the ballot box.”