Priorities USA Partners with Indivisible to Launch Digital Ad Program to Inform Voters of Town Hall Events During Recess

February 17, 2017

February 17, 2017

Symone Sanders, [email protected]
Emily Phelps, [email protected]


Effort will be Priorities’ First Paid Media Activity of 2017

WASHINGTON, DC – On Friday, Priorities USA is set to launch its first round of paid media activity since the organization’s relaunch in 2017.

In partnership with Indivisible, a grassroots group that has taken the lead in empowering citizen activists to attend town hall events across the country to hold their Members of Congress accountable, Priorities USA will launch a digital ad program to help ensure voters know about events during next week’s Congressional recess.

The digital ads will run on social media, including Facebook, and across internet search engines. The ads will provide voters with information about events in their area. When a voter clicks on the ad, it will direct them to a landing page managed by Indivisible that asks the person to RSVP and provides information about how to prepare for the town hall and how to maximize their participation at the event. The ad targeting is designed to reach people mobilized by the organic protests that have sprung up on the left — by layering data gathered from our audience’s social media behaviors and ranking by their propensity to take an offline action.

Priorities is targeting more than a dozen events that are being staged in states, and congressional districts, represented by Republicans. This includes a citizens’ town hall sponsored by Planned Parenthood in Senator Dean Heller’s home state of Nevada, as well as town halls by Republicans who represent districts won by Hillary Clinton, such as Leonard Lance (R-NJ).

“The upcoming recess week promises to provide even more scenes of grassroots activism by everyday citizens concerned about our country’s future,” said Guy Cecil, Priorities USA Chairman.

“We are inspired by Indivisible and couldn’t be prouder to partner with them to empower those who want to make their voices heard and engage in social action. Republican lawmakers who refuse to stand up to Donald Trump should be prepared to answer for that to their constituents over the coming week, and beyond.”

Indivisible was founded after November’s election by a group of ex-Congressional staffers who published an online guide providing tips for how citizens could make their voices heard to their elected representatives in the Trump era. Since then, volunteers and activists have formed chapters of Indivisible across the country — even in deeply red states — to help build a truly grassroots progressive movement.

“It’s simple: every member of Congress should be holding at least one public, in-person town hall event during this congressional recess,” said Ezra Levin, Executive Director of the Indivisible Project.

“Their constituents are understandably frustrated that many representatives and senators are opting for fundraisers instead of listening to their constituents. But these constituents aren’t sitting on the sidelines–many are hosting their own town halls and inviting their representatives to speak. So members of Congress have a choice: they can show up or they can hide, but either way, their constituents will make their voices heard.”

The launch of this new digital ad campaign by Priorities comes on the heels of a 2016 cycle that saw the organization spend more than $35 million on digital outreach. In all, Priorities accounted for more than a fifth of all digital persuasion spending on the Democratic side in the closing months of the 2016 cycle. Going forward, as it mounts various activities in support of the rising progressive movement, Priorities plans to devote an even greater share of its ad spending to digital.

To view some of the many ads starting today, click here and here.