Priorities USA Launches Six-Figure Digital Ad Buy in Wisconsin Ahead of Trump Rally

April 26, 2019

Priorities USA is launching a six-figure digital advertising campaign in Wisconsin ahead of Donald Trump’s rally in Green Bay, WI on Saturday, April 27th. The ads will highlight Trump’s record of putting the wealthy and big corporations over the interests of Wisconsinites and will help voters learn the truth about the economic effects Trump’s policies have had in their state.

Despite Trump’s rhetoric, Wisconsin families are struggling.

According to the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Wisconsin’s average annual wage was more than $4,000 below the national average in 2018, and its average hourly wage was more than $2 less. To make the situation worse, Trump’s tax law raised Wisconsinites’ annual health care premiums by an estimated $2,270 in 2019. According to a 2018 report from Wisconsin-based think tank COWS, nearly 20% of Wisconsin workers earn poverty wages that often don’t cover the cost of basic expenses.

To view examples of the ads, click here, here and here.

“Donald Trump is coming to Green Bay to tell Wisconsinites that the economy is the greatest it’s ever been and everything in the world is perfect. Anyone living outside of Trump’s billionaire bubble knows that’s simply not true,” said Patrick McHugh, Priorities USA’s Executive Director. “These ads highlight the fact that Trump’s economic policies might be working for big corporate CEOs, but many Wisconsin families are getting left behind.  Wisconsin will be one of the deciding states in the 2020 election and Priorities USA is committed to making sure Donald Trump’s lies don’t go unchallenged.”

This campaign comes as part of Priorities USA’s previously announced $100 million early spending program in Wisconsin, Florida, Pennsylvania and Michigan. The ads will run statewide with a focus on the Green Bay, Milwaukee and Madison media markets from Friday, April 26th through Friday, May 3rd where voters are consuming content, including local radio stations and digital platforms such as Facebook and Spotify, and taking over the front page ad space on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel website, the Green Bay Gazette website and Voters who wish to learn more about the effects of Trump’s economic policies will be directed to