Priorities USA Launches Priorities Michigan

July 18, 2019

Today, Priorities USA is launching Priorities Michigan, one of the four entities in its new battleground state communications program. The program, which will combine press and digital communications operations to push back against Trump’s false narratives, comes as part of Priorities USA’s previously announced $100 million investment in key states including Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

The in-state Michigan team will work with local organizations to collect and capture stories from people and families who have felt the negative impact of living under Trump’s economy. The team will distribute content to voters on the platforms where they get their news and information. This will include creating original content for social media and amplifying stories and data across local media outlets. Work on the ground will also support and inform Priorities’ national work and paid media program, informing messaging and creative.

“Trump may try to brag about how the economy’s great and everyone’s prospering, but here in Michigan, voters know that couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality is Michigan workers are losing their jobs, health care costs are rising, and paying the monthly bills is a challenge,” said Guy Cecil, Chairman of Priorities USA.“Trump has shown time and time again that he’s not looking out for Michigan families. He’s only looking out for corporate profits; his tax break for auto manufacturers that turn around and lay off their workers is only one example. Michigan will be a crucial state in 2020, and our team will be on the front lines telling the real stories caused by Trump’s policies, not Trump’s lies.”

Trump’s broken promises are hurting Michigan workers.

  • Since taking office, Trump promised that he’d bring auto industry jobs back, but General Motors has laid off over 2,000 Michigan auto workers in the past year despite getting a $157 million tax break from Trump’s policies.

  • Over a quarter of Michigan households aren’t able to afford basic necessities, and Trump’s economic plans are only making matters worse.

  • Michigan farmers are caught in the crossfire of Trump’s trade war.

  • Trump’s sabotage of the Affordable Care Act has caused health care premiums to increase by nearly $1,600, while also endangering health care coverage for as many as 4.1 million Michiganders.

Priorities Michigan’s growing team will include:

Zack Smith, serving as Content Producer. Zack will collect personal stories about the harmful impacts of Trump’s policies and work with local partners to reach voters with these stories. Before joining Priorities, Zack was a Communications Organizer with For Our Future Michigan, and prior to that, he worked as an adjunct professor at several Michigan colleges and prisons. He got his start in politics on the 2008 Obama campaign as a field organizer.

This program comes as part of Priorities USA’s transition into the 2020 presidential cycle. This also includes a new program to provide partners with in-depth modeling, targeting, and opinion research for digital, TV, mail and field programs; continued efforts to train progressive operatives in understanding, planning, and executing digital campaigns; as well as a strong focus on both persuading moveable voters and mobilizing the Democratic base.