Priorities USA Launches Priorities Florida

July 23, 2019

Today, Priorities USA is coming to Florida with the launch of Priorities Florida and a new battleground state communications program. As part of Priorities USA’s $100 million investment in key states including Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, Priorities Florida is an innovative new program that will merge press and digital communications operations to better communicate with voters across all the places they get their news and information.

Working in partnership with local organizations, the Florida-based team will collect and capture stories from real people and families who have felt the negative impact of living in Trump’s economy. These stories will be used for original content on social platforms and amplified across local media. On-the-ground work will also serve to inform Priorities’ national paid media program, so that the messaging is well-tailored to Floridians’ concerns. The team will also provide media with hard research and data supporting these stories about the difficulties of making ends meet in Trump’s America.

“Trump loves to boast about how he always wins, but Floridians know that in Trump’s economy, they’ll never win. Health care costs are rising, and paying the monthly bills, let alone saving for a comfortable retirement, is becoming increasingly difficult for average families,” said Guy Cecil, Chairman of Priorities USA. “Trump has shown again and again that as long as his billionaire friends benefit, he’ll pass policies that hurt everyday Americans. Florida will be a crucial state in 2020, and we’re committed to finding creative new ways to show the cruel impact Trump’s policies are having on everyday Floridians.”

Priorities Florida will work to show that in reality, Trump’s economy isn’t working for Florida families.

  • Recent data shows that nearly half of Florida households are struggling to make ends meet and a third can’t pay for basic expenses.

  • Florida has the nation’s second-highest level of income inequality, and Trump’s economic policies are only making matters worse for everyday Floridians.

  • Over 500,000 Florida families will pay more in taxes this year because of his tax law, and the average family is paying an estimated extra $2,860 because of Trump’s health care policies.

The growing Priorities Florida team will include:

Daniela Martins, serving as the Florida Outreach Director and National Hispanic Media Director. Daniela will work with Florida media, influencers, and allied organizations to tell the story of Trump’s negative impact in the state. Daniela will also lead Priorities’ strategy and outreach to national Hispanic media. Previously, Daniela served as Communications Director for former gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum’s organization, Forward Florida, after working on his campaign in 2018. Fluent in five languages, she served as statewide Hispanic Communications Director for For Our Future during the 2016 cycle. Her background includes extensive experience in international gender and reproductive rights advocacy, having led programs at Planned Parenthood Global, UNESCO, and UNDP. Daniela is a Bolivian native and received her Master’s degree from Paris’ Sorbonne University.

This program comes as part of Priorities USA’s transition into the 2020 presidential cycle. This also includes a new program to provide partners with in-depth modeling, targeting, and opinion research for digital, TV, mail and field programs; continued efforts to train progressive operatives in understanding, planning, and executing digital campaigns; as well as a strong focus on both persuading moveable voters and mobilizing the Democratic base.