Priorities USA Launches New Six-Figure Digital Ad Campaign to Hold Trump and Senate Republicans Accountable for Trumpcare

July 25, 2017

July 25, 2017

Contact: Josh Schwerin, [email protected]


Ad Buy Will Target Persuadable Voters in Key Battleground States With Key 2018 Races

WASHINGTON, DC — Today, Senate Republicans voted for health care legislation that will strip health care coverage from tens of millions of Americans, decimate Medicaid, eliminate protections for people with pre-existing conditions, and raise costs on millions of families and seniors. When President Trump was elected, he promised that he and his Republican Party had a health care plan that would cost less and cover more people than the Affordable Care Act, but TrumpCare does the opposite. Priorities USA is launching a digital ad campaign to ensure voters understand the devastating impact of TrumpCare and remember exactly what Senate Republicans just supported.

Priorities’ campaign will run in seven battleground states—Arizona, Michigan, Florida, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin—which are also crucial battlegrounds in the 2018 midterm elections. The campaign is intended to educate voters about the disastrous consequences of the Republican health care plan and will be comprised of digital, pre-roll and social advertising. Additionally, as President Trump heads to Youngstown, Ohio tonight, Priorities will run geotargeted Facebook ads to ensure the campaign reaches as many voters in the area as possible.

“Republicans have spent seven years promising their constituents lower prices and better coverage,” said Guy Cecil, Chairman of Priorities USA. “Instead, they’ve backed a cruel bill that will strip coverage from millions and dramatically increase costs for the most vulnerable Americans. From now until Election Day, Priorities will hold Trump and Republicans accountable for every single one of their broken promises and ensure voters know exactly what to expect if they send more Republicans to Washington.”

In seven battleground states, key midterm voters will see content informing them of the many harmful effects of the Republican health care plan. They will also be directed to a microsite——where they will be able to calculate exactly how the bill will affect them once fully implemented.

The ad campaign marks Priorities’ continued engagement in the health care debate and represents a continuation of the organization’s significant investment in the digital space. Since its relaunch in early 2017, Priorities has run several digital campaigns including those focused on the Republican health care bill, as well as President Trump’s voter suppression commission.

To view an example of the ads starting today, click here.