Priorities USA Launches New Digital Ads Across Five States in an Ongoing Effort to Hold Trump Accountable on Health Care, Medicare and the Economy

March 04, 2020

Priorities USA is launching new digital ads in Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin focused on President Trump’s broken promises to the American people. Priorities has been outspending Trump online in these key states since the “Let’s Be Honest” campaign first launched in July 2019. The campaign highlights real stories of working families from across America who are struggling to make ends meet in an economy that isn’t working for them. The latest round of digital advertisements will tell the truth about Trump’s efforts to cut Medicare to pay for big corporate tax breaks and put affordable health care at risk for millions of Americans. 

In February, Priorities USA announced an increased pre-July advertising budget of $150 million in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida, and Arizona. The “Let’s Be Honest” digital advertising campaign is a crucial part of the ongoing, integrated approach by Priorities USA to reach people wherever they are. By sharing statistics, testimonials, and news articles that reflect the truth about the Trump administration on social media and digital streaming platforms, Priorities USA is committed to reaching Americans where they already look for information about their own communities. 

Examples of the ads can be found here, here, here, and here

“This White House has failed to confront the toughest challenges facing America’s working families. While millions of Americans struggle to afford health care and put food on their tables, Trump gives tax breaks to the wealthy and tries to cut Medicare to pay for it. This isn’t a president who cares about improving the lives of the American people,” said Patrick McHugh, Executive Director of Priorities USA. “While the president spreads misinformation on his Twitter account instead of running the country, Priorities USA is working to ensure that Americans hear the truth about this administration. That’s why our ad campaigns tell real stories of the people harmed by Trump’s reckless policies and actions.”