Priorities USA Launches New Bilingual Latino Ad in Florida Contrasting Trump’s Erratic Caudillo Ways with Biden’s Respected Steady Leadership

July 14, 2020

Washington, DC — Priorities USA Action is releasing a new digital ad, “Caballero,” targeting Latino voters in the key state of Florida who have been hurting from the disastrous consequences of Trump’s lack of leadership and are ready for a new leader. Running in English and in Spanish, “Caballero” contrasts Trump’s chaotic strongman ways that have led us into this mess with Biden’s steady, moral leadership.

Disproportionally hurt by Trump’s mishandling of the coronavirus, Latinos have been voicing their concerns with the president: a recent survey conducted by Latino Decisions on behalf of Priorities USA and Latino Victory Fund found that more than two-thirds of Latinos in Arizona and Florida said they agreed that Trump “ignored early warning signs of coronavirus, and because of his delays and incompetent response, thousands of Americans are now sick and dying.” In addition to his poor marks on managing the coronavirus, only 38% of Florida Latinos view Trump favorably, and only 42% of Florida Latinos approve of how he is handling his job as president.

The survey also found that Latinos are looking for a leader who can guide the country out of the current crisis, and they identify Joe Biden as the candidate who possesses the traits and temperament they seek. Latinos believe that Biden has what it takes, and they want to hear more about the vice president. Priorities USA’s Latino program and our partners are here to ensure they do. 

Trump has also been showcasing his erratic authoritarian tendencies, praising Venezuela’s caudillo Nicolas Maduro, and raising concerns among many Floridians whose families came to the United States escaping power-hungry liars, following the dream of living in a true democracy. Latinos are increasingly concerned that Donald Trump’s erratic behavior and incitements of violence are taking this country in the wrong direction, and they believe Biden possesses the right leadership qualities needed to steer the country onto the right path.

“Trump’s erratic leadership and his tantrums are endangering our lives and our economy, ” said Daniela Martins, Priorities USA Action National Press Secretary and Hispanic Media Director. “Latinos have had enough. We’re ready for steady and trustworthy leadership to steer us through these trying times, and that leader is Joe Biden, a true caballero.”

Priorities USA Action has spent almost $2 million per week on advertising in key battleground states. The seven-figure Latino program is part of Priorities’ commitment to spend over $200 million through the end of the year to defeat Donald Trump and ensure that Joe Biden is the next President of the United States.