Priorities USA Launches “Let’s Be Honest” Engagement Campaign Highlighting Donald Trump’s Harmful Economic Policies

July 23, 2019

Today, Priorities USA is launching a new digital advertising campaign focused on holding President Trump accountable and telling the truth about how his economic policies have failed everyday Americans. The “Let’s Be Honest” campaign will share original content with real stories from American families who talk about their personal struggles to make ends meet, promote news stories and facts, and respond to individuals’ concerns about keeping their heads above water in this economy.

“Let’s Be Honest” comes as the latest stage of Priorities’ previously announced $100 million investment beginning in Wisconsin, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. The campaign will launch today and will continue through 2020, creating an integrated ecosystem where individuals browsing Facebook or YouTube, reading news articles, and searching Google will see a variety of pieces of content that work in conjunction with each other to help working families understand that they are not alone in their financial struggles in Trump’s economy. The ecosystem will present these stories by sharing testimonials, statistics, and news articles, making both emotional and factual appeals to viewers to better inform them about the effect these policies are having on them, their communities, and their country.

Examples of the ads can be found here, here, here, and here.

“There is a disconnect between the rhetoric coming from the White House, the economic headlines covered on cable news, and the real life economic challenges American families are facing across the country. It’s time to be honest about the financial anxiety millions of families are feeling and why: it’s because time and time again, Trump has shown that his only concern is making sure corporations get richer,” said Guy Cecil, Chairman of Priorities USA. “People feel like no matter how hard they work, they just can’t get ahead, and Priorities USA is committed to making sure Americans hear that truth. This ad campaign will meet Americans where they are, sharing the stories of people like them facing daunting economic challenges in their daily lives at a time when this administration is prioritizing the rich and big corporations at the expense of everyone else.”