Priorities USA Launches Four Million Dollar Voter Mobilization Digital Campaign Ahead of Local Elections in Three States

September 17, 2019

Priorities USA is launching a digital advertising campaign in Michigan, Florida, and Pennsylvania to remind Americans to check their voter registration and mobilize them to participate in local elections going on in 2019. The ads will work to increase voter turnout in these states and place a spotlight on the importance of local elections, while simultaneously encouraging people to develop the habit of voting.

The first round of ads are now running in Florida and Michigan and will be visible across a broad range of platforms where voters are consuming content online, including YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Voters interested in learning more about the campaign will be directed to, where they will be able to check their voter registration, register, and commit to vote.

To view examples of the ads, click here, here and here.

“Priorities USA has been working hard to ensure that the eventual Democratic presidential nominee is in the best possible position to beat Trump next year, but many states have important elections this year.  Not only are these races important in their own right, but studies have shown that the act of voting in one election increases the chances of voting in the next,” said Patrick McHugh, Executive Director of Priorities USA. “We are proud to help encourage people to exercise their fundamental right to vote in this year’s local elections, so that our democracy grows stronger and works for them, rather than the wealthy special interests who have flourished under Trump.”

This $4 million mobilization program in 2019 is another example of Priorities USA’s commitment to helping elect Democrats up and down the ballot in every election. It will also help identify best practices of mobilization tactics that will inform and improve mobilization practices for the 2020 election.