Priorities USA to Launch Six-Figure Digital Ad Program to Inform Voters About Harmful Consequences of Trumpcare

March 09, 2017

March 9, 2017

Contact: Symone Sanders, [email protected]


Ad Buy Will Target Millennials and Trump Voters Aged 50+ Across Nine States

WASHINGTON, DC – As President Trump pushes a health care bill likely to strip millions of health coverage while providing tax cuts for millionaires, Priorities USA will launch a six-figure digital ad campaign Thursday to inform voters about how the American Health Care Act, or Trumpcare, would affect their lives.

Priorities’ digital ads will run in several states that are home to key Senate and House races in 2018: Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Florida, Ohio, Nevada, and Arizona. The ads will also appear in Alaska and Maine, whose senators’ votes will be critical in deciding the fate of Trumpcare.

“Trumpcare puts tax cuts for millionaires ahead of guaranteeing affordable health care. Donald Trump’s priorities show he is betraying the working Americans he promised to put first. As we work to oppose this awful plan, it is critical we make sure voters know whose side Donald Trump is really on,” said Patrick McHugh, executive director of Priorities USA.

The new round of digital ads will be comprised of social, search and contextual advertising, and will target two distinct groups of voters whose health care coverage will be adversely affected by Trumpcare: millennial voters and Trump voters over 50.

Millennial voters will see content stressing how Trumpcare will drive up the price of young people’s health insurance—or cause them to lose it entirely—while millionaires and insurance companies receive a generous tax cut.

Trump voters over 50 will see content stressing how Trump’s “age tax” will allow insurance companies to charge older Americans five times more than other purchasers, driving their costs up by thousands of dollars each year. This approach is consistent with Priorities USA’s larger mission to inform voters how Trump’s actions as president show that he is more willing to cater to millionaires and CEOs than the middle-class Americans who voted him into office.

The ad campaign marks Priorities USA’s second and largest round of paid media activity since the organization’s relaunch in 2017, as well as its first set of issue-based advertising. It comes on the heels of Priorities USA’s successful partnership with Indivisible during the February congressional recess to make sure voters in Republican-held districts were aware of town hall events happening in their area.