Priorities USA Invests $5 Million in Digital Ads Designed to Combat Voter Suppression

September 26, 2022

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, Priorities USA announced a $5 million digital ad campaign designed to combat GOP voter suppression by directly connecting voters with the resources and information they need to cast a ballot. This campaign is part of Priorities’ $20 million investment in voting rights initiatives which includes both direct voter contact and combating voter suppression through litigation.

The ads will run in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Nevada across digital platforms such as Google and Facebook. The investments will specifically target Black, Latino, young, and low-income voters. These are voters who historically have been disproportionately impacted by voter suppression laws and Priorities continues to center these communities in its voting rights work. The ads will also be optimized to target high traffic voting areas, geotargeting areas near polling locations to ensure voter protection content reaches voters waiting in line.

Through 15-second ads and banner ads, voters are directed to websites and hotlines that can help them find their polling place, ensure they have what they need to vote, and know their rights at the voting booth. Examples of the content of the ads are:

Know Your Rights
These ads speak to the noise and rumors voters are likely hearing online and assures them that their voting rights are secure and protected. Creating confusion about the voting process is one of the most common ways to suppress the vote. If a user runs into problems or wants to know their rights — the ad offers multiple points of guidance.

We Have Your Back
These ads acknowledge that voting should be easy but sometimes it’s not. If a voter runs into problems or has a question about voting, the ad offers resources to ensure their vote is counted.

Priorities USA has invested over $50 million in voting rights education and litigation since 2015. In March of 2020, Priorities USA identified vote-by-mail as a crucial mechanism for voters to make their voices heard during the pandemic and was instrumental in securing critical wins for voters who wanted to safely cast their ballots. Priorities is continuing this work as Republicans continue to impose discriminatory voter suppression laws that specifically target communities of color.

“At Priorities USA, we remain committed to making the most strategic investments possible to turn out the majority of Americans who seek to move our country forward and elect representatives who will deliver for working families,” said Priorities USA Deputy Executive Aneesa McMillan. “Protecting voting rights is an integral part of that work. We know that right-wing forces have consistently targeted Black and Brown voters in their efforts to limit voting rights and Priorities will continue to center these communities in our efforts to protect and restore voting rights. By taking a multi-pronged approach to combating GOP-driven voter suppression, our digital-first program can effectively educate voters about their rights and ensure that they have their voices heard at the ballot box.”