Priorities USA Has Raised Over $25 Million Since Beginning of April

May 19, 2020

Priorities USA announced that it has obtained $25.1 million in commitments across its three entities since the beginning of April, including about $17 million already in the door. The pace of fundraising has increased in May, with about $9.3 million in the door and an additional $8.2 million committed in just the first half of the month compared to about $7.6 million raised during the month of April.

Priorities has raised over $145 million this cycle with $126 million contributed and $19 million in additional commitments, well on its way to surpassing its $200 million budget for the 2020 cycle. Priorities has been outspending Trump online and on TV in key states since July of 2019 and has spent more than $12 million on ads holding Donald Trump accountable for his failure to safeguard American lives and jobs from the effects of the coronavirus.

“Donald Trump and his allies have started advertising in battleground states and it’s imperative that Priorities gives Joe Biden the air cover he needs as he builds his general election campaign,” said Guy Cecil, Chairman of Priorities USA. “So far, our donors are rising to the occasion and we have seen an increase in our fundraising. Now that Trump and his super PAC are on the air, we will focus on expanding our reach so we can go toe-to-toe with the Trump disinformation machine. This election is going to be very close and this early period will be key to a Biden victory.”