Priorities USA Expands Pre-Convention Budget to $150 Million, Reserves $70 Million of Ad Time

January 14, 2020

WASHINGTON, DC – Priorities USA is expanding its budget through the convention from $100 million to $150 million and, additionally, reserving $70 million in TV and digital ads in Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Priorities has been running digital ads in each of these states since July 2019, outspending President Trump during that time. While these reservations begin in late February and March, Priorities has millions of dollars set aside to begin running TV ads prior to that date to ensure that Trump and his allies are not able to define the general election before we have a nominee. In 2016, Priorities did not run its first TV ad until May.

The Trump campaign and RNC began this year with nearly $200 million in the bank, and it is imperative that they do not have the airwaves to themselves before a Democratic nominee is selected.  

Of the $70 million being reserved at this time, about $40 million will be on digital video and audio platforms like YouTube, Hulu and Pandora, and about $30 million will be TV (detailed below).

“While most of our party is focused on choosing our nominee, Donald Trump will be spending unprecedented amounts of money in battleground states in an effort to define the election before our nominee has a chance to defend themselves. We will not let this go unanswered,” said Guy Cecil, Chairman of Priorities USA. “Priorities USA has been outspending Trump online in key states for the last six months, and we will now be expanding our efforts to TV to make sure voters are hearing about how Donald Trump isn’t working for them.”

TV Reservation Details:

  • Florida: ~$12.6m beginning 3/24
  • Michigan: ~$6m beginning 3/17
  • Pennsylvania: ~$5.9m beginning 3/17
  • Wisconsin: ~$5.8m beginning 2/25