Priorities USA, CAP Action Launch State-by-State Website with Facts on Biden Administration’s Progress

August 20, 2021

The website is part of a $2 million summer buy to connect the issues Americans care about with policies made in Washington.  

Priorities USA and the Center for American Progress Action Fund (CAP Action) announced a new interactive website that will connect President Biden’s policies with the issues that impact Americans’ daily lives in every single state. The website is part of Priorities’ $2 million investment to engage voters online this summer.

The website,, details specific components of President Biden’s agenda and directly connects the implications of policy to American families and communities. The pages for each state distill many of the Biden administration’s accomplishments, in both English and Spanish, into an accessible format that can be read in under 3 minutes.

Voters will see the website in their Google search feed. To serve the site, Priorities will pay close attention to Google search behavior and search terms that relate to voters’ everyday lives. Serving ads for the website when voters search keywords like “child care” and “how to save money” draws a direct connection between what American families are thinking about and the policies that respond to their real needs.

The campaign is part of an ongoing effort by Priorities and CAP to meet voters where they are and engage them online through notable resources like Google search where voters are already looking for information.

“It is critical that we maintain a strong, multi-pronged approach to keep voters engaged in the political arena,” said Danielle Butterfield, Executive Director of Priorities USA. “Our goal is to ensure that voters don’t have to search far and wide for information about the issues that are shaping their communities. I’m excited to grow this project with CAP Action to help Americans reach the best information about policies that impact their lives in a format that is both engaging and accessible.”

“Facts don’t lie. People do. That’s why it is critical to lay out the hard facts. And the hard facts show that President Biden has already dramatically, tangibly improved people’s lives since coming into office,” said John Podesta, founder of CAP Action. “It is a matter of fact that his agenda in Congress, from bipartisan infrastructure to child care to clean energy, would create jobs and lower costs. With so much money in politics being spent on deception, is an effort to put the plain facts in front of the American people on how the Biden economic agenda affects their families, their communities and their home states.”