Priorities USA Announces $20 Million Initial Investment to Address Assaults on Voting Rights

June 22, 2021

Priorities USA is continuing a steadfast commitment to the right to vote with an initial $20 million investment in voting rights initiatives. Republicans around the country have redoubled their commitment to delegitimizing our democratic institutions and suppressing the right to vote, with measures that specifically target Black and brown communities. As a leader in the voting rights space, Priorities will not allow these attacks to go unanswered.

Since 2015, Priorities USA has made protecting the right to vote a central piece of our mission. Our organization has litigated over 15 cases — securing relief for voters in every case brought. Our voting rights spending for the 2020 election cycle totaled over $34 million, the largest single investment in voter protection litigation by far.

Cases brought by Priorities consistently acknowledged the disproportionate barriers to the ballot faced by Black and brown voters and centered the specific challenges that voters with disabilities encounter. With an initial investment of $20 million in voting rights for the 2022 cycle, Priorities will continue its important work to protect ballot access both in the courts and employ a wealth of digital advertising expertise to educate voters about changing laws. By proactively reaching out to voters about navigating complicated voter suppression laws, we can mitigate their intended discriminatory effects. Priorities will also grow existing partnerships and foster new relationships with organizations fighting for the right to vote on the ground.

The program will continue to prioritize the voters most affected by Republican voter suppression efforts. Black and brown communities disproportionately face barriers like long lines, polling place closures, voter roll purges, and discriminatory signature-matching practices.

“Protecting the right to vote, specifically in marginalized communities, remains an essential part of Priorities’ mission. The voter suppression laws passed by Republicans across the country are a four-alarm fire for our democracy,” said Guy Cecil, Chairman of Priorities USA. “Priorities is well-equipped to take on Republican voter suppression efforts because we have been in this fight for years. Priorities is investing early in a multi-strategy approach to protect the right to vote in the states where ballot access is under threat.”

“As anti-democratic, racist, right-wing efforts to delegitimize our elections become more visible, our responsibility in this space has only grown,” said Aneesa McMillan, Deputy Executive Director of Priorities USA. “Our country’s core democratic values are at stake in Republican-controlled state legislatures around the country. With a sustained, aggressive push to protect the right to vote, Priorities will continue to fulfill our mission to uphold American values and advocate for meaningful progress.”