Priorities USA Announces 100% Commitment to Digital Communications, Research, & Infrastructure

November 15, 2023

For Immediate Release:

November 14, 2023


Jack Doyle, [email protected]

Priorities USA Announces 100% Commitment to Digital Communications, Research, & Infrastructure

After More Than A Decade Of Building Progressive Power, Priorities Is Re-Introducing Itself To Meet The Needs Of Our Moment

“Elections are Won and Lost Online”

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, Priorities USA is celebrating its full commitment to serve as a digital brain trust for the progressive ecosystem. The group has spent the last decade fighting on behalf of progressive values, and in that time has consistently been at the forefront of innovating when it comes to reaching and persuading the American public. As a nod to our evolution over the last 10 years, Priorities will also be rolling out a new visual brand to celebrate our growth and thank our partners and supporters for joining us on this journey.

Americans are living their lives online, via a variety of screens and platforms, and Priorities believes we best serve our objectives by committing to not only reaching them across these platforms with ads, but by acting as a digital resource for organizations across the country who need additional our help to keep up with fast-changing digital trends.

“The reality is that elections are won and lost online, and Priorities is committed to doing everything we can to close the digital gap and ensure Democrats are prepared for the fights to come,” said Danielle Butterfield, Priorities USA Executive Director. “This isn’t so much a change but a culmination of years of work that we are extremely proud of. We look forward to continuing to operate at the forefront of cutting edge digital advertising strategies, research, and training.”

“Priorities USA has been a true partner to groups like ours who are experimenting with ways to use digital to engage hard-to-reach voters and expand political power,” said Carlos Odio, Co-Founder Equis Labs. “They are undoubtedly at the vanguard of digital communication, and I’d expect them to continue to set the pace.”

“Priorities USA has been a long time, valuable partner to LCV,” said Pete Maysmith, Senior Vice President, Campaigns at League of Conservation Voters. “We are eager to continue working with them as they do even more cutting edge digital work to help elect pro-climate, pro-democracy candidates up and down the ballot.”

Priorities will continue expanding beyond the presidential, utilizing innovative digital strategies and research to win races up and down the ballot. Beyond just running ads, we are committed to building a progressive digital infrastructure.

The truth is, a two-year campaign is not enough time to keep up with rapid-changing digital trends, and campaigns don’t have the capacity or longevity to prioritize innovation. We will continue to fill this gap for campaigns and organizations, including but not limited to:

  • Running continuous experiments and test cases to fine-tune our understanding of digital best practices and effective messaging. Partners have already benefited from 19  research cases, with more to come.
  • Provide technical resources for campaigns and organizations, such as AdHawk, our competitive tracking service that has been utilized by over 500 progressive strategists across more than 100 groups.
  • Our digital training program, which has had 2,750 total participants, and 27 fellows who have gone on to run programs at leading progressive organizations.
  • Partnering with progressive groups large and small to champion the use of digital in winning campaigns. The 2022 midterms had more than 4x as many Democratic outside groups advertising than 2018, and small advertisers spending less than $100,000 now make up a much more sizable share of spend. By partnering with, training and briefing these groups, we are helping to grow the number of Democratic advertisers, and sharpen their investments to win at the margins.