Priorities USA and the League of Conservation Voters Launch Joint NH Digital Ad Buy

July 29, 2021

Priorities USA and the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) announced a six-figure digital ad buy in New Hampshire to encourage new voters to support policies that protect the environment and create jobs. The ad campaign is the first of its kind pilot integration between ads and on-the-ground organizing.

Running exclusively on digital platforms, the $250,000 buy will run in New Hampshire over eight weeks. The ad campaign is aimed at keeping new voters engaged by connecting them directly with LCV’s organizers on the ground who are building support and visibility for the once in a generation opportunity Congress has to take action on the climate crisis with investments in clean energy, jobs, and justice.


Poll after poll shows that the majority of voters are counting on President Biden and their representatives in Congress to create good jobs and fight climate change. By running ads that demonstrate the progress pro-environment leaders are making, LCV and Priorities are encouraging new voters to stay active in the political process and fight for the issues they care about.

The advertising effort will work in tandem with LCV’s ongoing grassroots work that connects voters to the political process. Combining early engagement campaigns online with greater investments in field organizing will bolster efforts by Priorities and LCV to connect issues community members care about with the policies made in Washington.

“The League of Conservation Voters has been a crucial partner in Priorities’ efforts to engage voters on the issues that matter most. Our organizations share a commitment to meeting voters where they are, on the digital platforms where they increasingly get their information,” said Guy Cecil, Chairman of Priorities USA. “Climate change is one of the defining issues of our time. If we want to leave the best possible world for our children, we need elected officials who will make the health of our planet a priority. By investing early, we can continually remind voters that leaders on Capitol Hill should continue fighting for climate justice and delivering better jobs for their communities.”

“We’re thrilled to pilot this innovative new paid media campaign with Priorities USA in New Hampshire and go up with digital ads early to maximize our organizing effort on-the-ground and have long-term impact,” said Rob Werner, New Hampshire State Director, LCV. “We are out of time to act on the climate crisis and it’s imperative that new voters in New Hampshire understand that their leaders in Washington should continue fighting for ambitious investments in climate, clean energy, jobs and justice in Washington.”

Full scripts of the video ad in the campaign are below.

You marched
You voted
You demanded action on climate change
And now Joe Biden and Senator Maggie Hassan are taking action
They’re working to create thousands of clean energy jobs
And invest in offshore wind
Tell them you support their fight for clean energy and clean water