Priorities USA and Color Of Change PAC Announce $3 Million Digital Advertising Partnership

April 13, 2020

Today, Priorities USA and Color Of Change PAC announced a $3 million digital advertising partnership focused on communicating to potentially persuadable Black voters in key swing states through the Democratic convention in August. The campaign will launch in the coming weeks and will be especially targeted towards Black voters who lean toward voting for Donald Trump or a third party candidate. Priorities USA is also conducting extensive opinion research on messaging that is most effective in reaching Black voters.

Previous research, conducted by Priorities USA, has demonstrated that young Black men are especially persuadable but are not currently being engaged at the levels necessary for Democrats to move the needle. This is why Priorities USA is making a large investment in engagement early in the election cycle and maintaining strong collaborative relationships with our partners.

Color Of Change PAC is engaging Black communities across the country on the issues that matter to them and connecting these issues to candidates so that they can address them. The PAC is eager to bring these insights and perspectives to the fore in this collaboration and what is likely the most consequential election for Black people in generations.

“Priorities USA recognizes that we must be strategic in our engagement and persuasion tactics in order to reach every voter that will decide the future of our country in November,”  said Guy Cecil, Chairman of Priorities USA. “We are proud to partner with Color Of Change PAC, an organization who has been doing crucial racial justice work and making American democracy better for everyone who lives here. Priorities’ collaboration with organizations like Color of Change will bring us closer to achieving our shared goal of electing leaders who will bring quality healthcare and higher wages to all Americans.”

“We continue to see evidence of the diversity of perspectives and opinions in the Black community. Every individual vote must be earned,” said Arisha Hatch, Director of Color Of Change PAC. “Democrats rely on the Black vote, yet too often fail to speak to the specific needs of Black voters. Facing the highest rates of unemployment even in good economic times, crushing incarceration rates, and structures of inequity at every possible turn, Black people deserve and demand candidates that deliver clear, compelling messages that resonate and speak to their needs. Color Of Change PAC is thrilled to work with Priorities USA to dig into these needs and develop incisive messages to address them.”