Priorities USA and America Works USA Announce $2 Million Partnership to Hold Brian Kemp Accountable in Georgia

March 01, 2022

Priorities USA and America Works USA announced a $2 million joint advertising campaign to hold Brian Kemp accountable and urge him to speak out and take action on critical issues facing Georgia’s families and communities.

The ad buy will include a program that informs Georgians about the issues affecting their daily lives that Kemp must address. The program will be served to users on social media and Google search and will also include video, static, and audio advertisements on a variety of platforms including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

The ad program also highlights the history of politicians putting themselves before working Georgia families. Instead of expanding access to health care or investing in protections from Covid, politicians like Donald Trump, David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler focused on enriching themselves. The ads expose this history of corruption and urge Brian Kemp to combat self-dealing among politicians in Georgia.

The campaign will specifically target Georgians who don’t regularly consume mainstream news. The ads will also target Black communities in the Atlanta metro area and additional communities statewide.

Priorities’ research indicates that many Georgians have tuned out news about government and politics in the past year. The seven-figure investment by Priorities USA and America Works USA aims to re-engage Georgians in the political process and encourage them to urge action by Kemp on important issues like protecting the right to vote and increasing access to affordable healthcare.

“Georgians want better health care, better schools and a government that works for them. Brian Kemp has left the people of Georgia behind, and Priorities USA won’t let his failure of leadership continue unaccounted for,” said Guy Cecil, Chairman of Priorities USA. “Priorities USA is proud to partner with America Works because we believe that voters deserve to know the truth about what their leaders stand for. We’re focused on reaching Georgians online, where they are already looking for information, to ensure that they have all the facts about the issues affecting their communities which Brian Kemp has not addressed.”

“Brian Kemp has repeatedly failed his state and put his own interests ahead of Georgia families,” said Andrew Whalen, on behalf of America Works USA. “Georgia voters deserve to know how Kemp is denying families affordable health care, undermining their right to vote, and hurting Georgia’s economy. It’s time to build a stronger Georgia. Kemp can’t hide from his record anymore.”