Priorities USA Action Targets Battleground State Voters with $2 Million “Check Your Registration” Digital Ad Campaign

August 17, 2022

Today, Priorities USA Action announced an additional $2 million investment urging voters in key battleground states to check their voter registration. This is part of an ongoing campaign to serve voters digital content that makes necessary information about voting engaging and accessible. Priorities is reaffirming a longstanding commitment to combat right-wing voter suppression and ensure that voters have all the tools they need to cast a ballot and make their voices heard.

The ads will run in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Nevada across digital platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Hulu — reaching voters online through October.

Priorities USA Action is specifically targeting voters who are most likely to need to update their registration, such as inactive voters, college students, frequent movers and young people aged 18-34. Priorities USA Action has spent years developing best-in-class digital content that engages and mobilizes voters. This ad campaign reflects content that voters already see in their feeds every day and incorporates messaging that drives them to check their registration. The ads include:

10/10 Would Recommend 
In the style of a popular TikTok, the speaker in this ad outlines the steps to check your voter registration and describes it as simple, easy and “10/10.”

Don’t Be Like Bob 
In the ad, “Bob,” a stick figure representing a 2020 voter who is passionate about politics online, finds out his voter registration expired, exemplifying that even the most tuned-in voters must still check their registration.

Voting Booth
This vividly animated ad calls on voters to “keep making their community proud this November” by first registering to vote before the election, reminding voters of their civic duty.

This campaign is the latest campaign as part of Priorities’ $30 million commitment to persuade and mobilize voters across key battleground states. Priorities has been consistently engaging and mobilizing voters throughout the 2022 cycle, including two ad campaigns centered on the January 6th insurrection and a $300,000 partnership with NARAL warning voters about GOP efforts to ban abortion — encouraging voters to reject this extremism at the ballot box. Priorities is targeting critical voters in states that will decide control of Congress and the states that will be decisive in continuing to pass progressive legislation and protect fundamental rights.

“Priorities has consistently committed to precise, strategic investments to reach voters where they are most active and looking for information,” said Priorities USA Executive Director Danielle Butterfield. “This cycle, our digital-first programming recognizes what content voters are already gravitating toward online and tailors our message to retain their attention, empowering them to affect change at the ballot box. We must use every tool at our disposal to connect with voters, inform them of what’s at stake and empower them to use their vote as the GOP continues to enact voter suppression that disproportionately harms communities of color.”